BA 1 year English literature syllabus 2022

BA/Bsc 1st year English literature second semester syllabus  2022

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Ba second semester
English literature syllabus 2nd semester

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English literature syllabus 2nd semester for Ba/Bsc 

Unit 1 forms of poetry (definition and main features)

  1. The Sonnet
  2. The elegy
  3. The ode
  4. The Epic
  5. The ballad
  6. The lyric
  7. The dramatic monologue
  8. Allegory

Unit 2.        Stanza forms

  1. The heroic
  2. Blank verse 
  3. The spenserian
  4. Terza Rima

Unit 3   poetic device

Structure : tone, theme, rhythm,rhyme scheme,kinds of mitre, stressed and unstressed syllables; figure of speech,Irony: Inversion; Negative Capability;Juxtaposition

Unit 4  

1.  William Shakepeare- *Let me Not to the Marriage of True Minds (Sonnet No. 116) Or The Ballad

John Milton- *On His Blindness

      2) John Donne- * Present in Absence 

      3) Alexander Pope- * Essay on Man 

Unit 5

1. Thomas Gray- * Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard

2. william Wordsworth- * The World is Too Much with Us

3. John Keats-* Ode on a Grecian Urn 

Unit 6 

1. Alfred Lord Tennyson- * Break. Break. Break Or Elizabeth Barret Browning- * How Do I Love Thee"

 2.Matthew Amold- * Dover Beach

3.Robert Browning-* My Last Duchess 

Unit 7 

 1. T.S. Eliot- * The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

2.   W.B. Yeats- *The Lake Isle of Innisfree

 3.   Philip Larkin- * Church Going 

Unit 8 

   Rhetoric & Prosody Practical Criticism 

Introduction to Practical Criticism One Stanza from Poetry for Practical Criticism

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